Fine Chocolates &

Imported Candies

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We have truffles & fine chocolates from:

Joseph Schmidt Confections (San Francisco, CA)

Michel Cluizel (Paris, France)

Hallet’s Handmade Chocolates (Spokane, WA)

Sweet Shop (Texas)

Caffarell (Italy)

Roger’s Chocolates (Canada)

Madelaine novelty chocolates (New York)

Theo Chocolate Company (Seattle, WA)

New Tree (California)

Ke Kau Chocolatier (Eugene, OR)


In addition we stock assorted Chocolates from Germany, Switzerland, France, Belgium, Canada, Italy, Ecuador, the Ivory Coast, and of course, the US.


Our gummi selection includes many Haribo Gummi product (the original gummi), swedish fish, sour gummi candy, English wine gums, jujubes, and about 75 more!


Looking for licorice?  We stock Kookaburra, Finnska, Licorice Scotties, Running Rabbit, Licorice Coins, Double Zout Licorice, Platinum Select licorice, salty farm, licorice beehives, licorice cats, and licorice jelly beans to name a few.


We proudly serve Umpqua Ice Cream.  It’s our favorite!  Flavors rotate weekly so check in to see what’s new.